Enabled Polio Eradication

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Tehsils Mapped
KM2 Covered


Pakistan remains one of two countries in the world where wild polio continues to circulate.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, alongside the Pakistani Government, have committed to eradicate polio entirely from the country.

They required an efficient way to plan, dispatch and deliver polio screening and vaccinations across Pakistan using their field teams.


TPL Maps engaged in geospatial digitization, mapping and planning efforts to support the field force.

Utilizing satellite imagery to digitize local boundaries, identify building footprints and create target area maps for field force.

Analyzing data on commercial addresses to identify no-go zones such as fields and factories.

Engaging in field surveys to geotag buildings, residence and boundaries.


Increased efficiency in field force efforts to map polio eradication zones across all 4 provinces.

Greater community outreach given access to data in targeting households for polio vaccinations and screening.

Monitoring and tracking of field force efforts for more accurate reporting of coverage and completion progress.

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