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Explore a world of opportunities as a TPL Maps reseller, gaining access to a comprehensive suite of geospatial products. Partnering with TPL Maps offers distinct advantages for resellers, ensuring success in the dynamic mapping industry.

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Why Choose TPL Maps as Your Partner?

Partners/Resellers receive unique benefits

Diverse Product Portfolio Access

From mapping APIs to location-based analytics, providing solutions tailored to diverse client needs

Prestigious Brand Affiliation

Associate your business with the reputable TPL Maps brand, leveraging established presence

Empowering Marketing Support

Receive marketing, sales and technical support to promote and sell TPL Maps' products, ensuring reseller success.

Attractive Commission Structures

Enjoy attractive commission models, allowing resellers to provide high-quality solutions to clients

Robust Training and Support

Access comprehensive training from TPL Maps, ensuring resellers have profound product knowledge

Diverse Revenue Streams

Multiple revenue streams, including sales and services, enabling the establishment of a profitable business.

Range of Products

Reselling TPL Maps' diverse portfolio enables partners to cater to a wide range of client needs, positioning them as providers of comprehensive geospatial solutions.

Location Data

TPL Maps' Location Data empowers businesses with precise location data, enhancing customer experiences. Resellers can offer solutions such as geo-fencing, location tracking, and personalised notifications, enabling clients to engage users seamlessly.

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Location Intelligence

TPL Maps' Location Intelligence optimizes supply chain operations through geospatial insights. Resellers can provide clients with solutions for route optimization and efficient distribution.

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GIS as a Service

TPL Maps' GIS offers advanced mapping and spatial analysis tools. Resellers can provide clients with solutions for data visualization & territory planning, catering to industries such as urban planning, etc.

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Join the TPL Maps Reseller Program and embark on a journey of prosperity. Apply now to explore new horizons with a brand synonymous with trust and innovation.

Mapping Success, Navigating Opportunities - TPL Maps Reseller Program Awaits You.

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TPL Maps is a rapidly expanding and pioneering technology startup in Pakistan, that stands at the forefront of innovation. Our mission is to redefine the significance of location insights for enterprises and revolutionize mobility for consumers. With a relentless drive, we tap into the potential of geospatial data and analytics to create profound and quantifiable value across all facets of enterprise operations. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to crafting Pakistan’s sole native navigation app, meticulously capturing the intricacies of our diverse landscape.

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