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  •   Pakistan generates millions of tons of waste a year, with the number rapidly increasing annually. Like most developing countries, Pakistan lacks waste management infrastructure, creating serious environmental problems for its citizens. Majority of the waste is either burned, dumped or buried, threatening the health and welfare of the general population. In an attempt at changing mindsets towards cleanliness, TPL Maps is making a nationwide call to action, encouraging the public to work towards a more sustainable and environmentally safe lifestyle. By working on a mapping program that could analyse environmental waste

  •   A location-based service (LBS) is an information and entertainment service that is accessible through consumer devices such as, smart phones, tablets and desktop computers, making use of the geographical position of the device. In essence, location-based services are services that are using the capabilities of modern devices, positioning technologies and mobile networks to deliver to the user value added or service based information on his location. TPL Maps now offers technology that enables restaurants to thrive in the fast growing market for food delivery. With convenience disrupting the restaurant sector and

  •   Waking up at 8, gulping down a warm cup of coffee and leaving the buttered toast idle, I leave for work every day. Thankfully my Saturdays are off, so I have some time to complete my sleeping hours and resume what’s left of my social life over a cup of tea in the evening at the nearest dhabba (Café) we could find. It is true, this is how many of us are living these days, remembering the long gone days of college and all the time in the world that we

  • TPL Maps, a part of the TPL Corp, was launched in 2016. It is the first indigenous digital mapping company of Pakistan providing GIS-based scalable solutions to businesses with the aim of contributing data to the community. Licensed by the Survey of Pakistan, TPL Maps has the largest location-based data collection with over 250+ cities mapped, approximately 3.2 million geocoded addresses and over 300,000+ kilometers of road network mapped across the country. The team consists of the brightest engineers, cartographers, surveyors and strategists in the region. Together, they have built TPL

  • Vehicle data can also be used to create safer, more personalized automotive journeys. Improved vehicle safety and an enriched driving experience are big selling points for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), who can benefit from increased brand loyalty and the potential new revenue streams emerging from that data.

  • Let’s be honest, our dependency on technology has reached alarming levels. With new GPS technology, we’re now more connected than ever before.

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