Our Team

Sarwar Ali Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Sarwar Ali Khan recently took over as the CEO of TPL Maps; before, he served as the CEO of TPL Trakker from 2016, which has over 19 years of experience as a pioneer in Pakistan’s telematics and IoT industries.

Sarwar started his career with Accenture in the US, where he worked for over 5 years. In 2010, he started working with the National Bank of Pakistan, where he headed the IT Department until 2012. On completion of his MBA in 2013, he was recruited by Samsung, Seoul, to work for the Samsung Global Strategy Group, which is part of the Samsung Chairman’s Office. For Samsung’s Smart Home business, Sarwar designed a thorough product roadmap and go-to-market strategy. He also evaluated potential and found new markets for various Samsung businesses to grow internationally.

Sarwar has a disruptive mindset when it comes to business management; in less than three years, he transitioned TPL Trakker from a vehicle tracking firm to an IoT solutions supplier. Because of his vision for growth and success, TPL Trakker now has a service suite that includes predictive maintenance, smart generator monitoring, fuel management, smart homes, and digital app-based solutions.

As CEO of TPL Maps; the country’s first native digital mapping company that offers businesses strong GIS-based solutions and makes data available to the public, Sarwar wants to make hyper-localized data a standard for improved business intelligence and enterprise-level digital transformation.

Under his leadership, TPL Maps’ flagship product Maps App, positioned as the mapping app for Pakistan, will be launched this year. Sarwar has envisioned this app to enable travelers to have a wholesome travel experience in Pakistan by providing guidance, assistance, planning, and facilitation through an integrated mapping platform. This app will be entirely Pakistani, bringing together the startup and entrepreneurial sectors to serve the end user by meeting their travel and mobility requirements.

Sarwar received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin—Madison in 2005. He later went on to complete his MBA from INSEAD, France, in 2013.