Around the world in a couple of days


Waking up at 8, gulping down a warm cup of coffee and leaving the buttered toast idle, I leave for work every day. Thankfully my Saturdays are off, so I have some time to complete my sleeping hours and resume what’s left of my social life over a cup of tea in the evening at the nearest dhabba (Café) we could find.

It is true, this is how many of us are living these days, remembering the long gone days of college and all the time in the world that we had. In the college days we all have a squad of three, remove or add one more guy who is mostly ditching out on plans and projects. Some plans were written but never implemented, yet some ideas sprouted in the morning and came to life in the evening.

One such plan came to life this summer, I had been saving up on my salary and yearly vacations for some time now. On a dull Saturday we sat perched in the garden chairs of the dhabba when Ali, proposed that we take the next week off and travel to the Northern areas.

Like many people of Karachi, we all dream for a cozy and cool environment to spend some quality time with our loved ones. For men, friends are just like brothers, and are the best company they can wish for on a boring weekend. Instead of sunbathing at the beaches of Karachi we wanted to shiver in the Northern breezes.

We were encountered by a huge problem, none of us knew any routes, destinations, or even good eateries in the area, which made it an alien expedition. We needed a tour guide who could help us out in the cheapest rates. Following the habit to Google everything, Ali came across a unique mapping application called TPL Maps, claiming that it was developed for Pakistan specially.

After toggling on the app and getting acquainted with it, we decided to trust TPL Maps for our adventure. We were solely relying on it as this was my first trip to the Northern region.

The moment we got off the train, my attention switched on to this app, and to my relief it actually is mapped very delicately with all the locations, eateries and streets. Being a creation of Pakistan, it gave me more intricate details of pit stops for hotels and food streets with recommendations as well.

At the initial stage we were scared, yet everything happened very smoothly. Our mission was to explore new destinations and experience the untouched realms of nature. We had selected Dir in upper Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the glorious valleys near Babuzai which remained unexplored and untouched by man. We wanted to get a glance of the lush green scenic beauty and capture the moment through the lens of our cameras and live in the moment.

TPL Maps, being our unstoppable guide to glory, barely did we stop for directions and search for places to rest or feed. With all the features in the app on the go we made it through to our desired destination in due time and this gave us ample of time to make the necessary arrangements; like setting up our camps and that too in the most beautiful space Mother Nature had to offer then.

We highly recommend that with TPL Maps on the go, all your dusty adventures and rusty plans can come to life and give you the most joyous and unforgettable time of your lives which we will be cherished for the rest of your lives!

Using this mobile app was as simple as setting your eyes on the finishing point of a race, once that’s done the TPL Maps mobile app will assist you to navigate in the most convenient way ever! And as I say this, I will not hesitate to accredit TPL Maps as my companion which left no stone unturned in making the journey full of fun for me and my friends, and that too making it hassle free.