10 reasons why you should use TPL Maps

TPL Maps, a part of the TPL Corp, was launched in 2016. It is the first indigenous digital mapping company of Pakistan providing GIS-based scalable solutions to businesses with the aim of contributing data to the community. Licensed by the Survey of Pakistan, TPL Maps has the largest location-based data collection with over 250+ cities mapped, approximately 3.2 million geocoded addresses and over 300,000+ kilometers of road network mapped across the country.

The team consists of the brightest engineers, cartographers, surveyors and strategists in the region. Together, they have built TPL Maps to let people harness the power of location and empower businesses by providing them with a geospatial edge.

In addition to mapping services, TPL Maps’ flagship offering includes the in-dash navigation hardware and software, which is a state-of-the-art advanced system, equipped with the latest technology that is tailored for the region to make navigation accurate, faster and on-point.

After using the app vigilantly, we drafted up 10 reasons why you should definitely be using it as your primary tool for navigation:

1. It’s a breeze to use

If an app does not have a user-friendly interface, what use is it? It checks all the boxes for the app criteria in terms of functionality, reliability and general ease of use. This does not impact the app’s ability in terms of being advanced and up-to-date, which is an added bonus for all users!


2. Over 1.5 million residences mapped

Unlike other navigation apps, TPL Maps’ distinguishing quality lies in its database. We’ve all had trouble finding residential addresses at some point in time, and this feature eradicates that problem entirely. With the largest housing dataset for Pakistan find your way with ease and pinpoint accuracy!


3. Urdu Maps

TPL Maps speaks the language of the nation. Last year TPL Maps launched the world’s largest, and Pakistan’s first, URDU digital maps. Urdu Maps is loaded with smart features that provide:

  • real-time intelligent routing
  • live traffic updates
  • turn-by-turn navigation options
  • street vision
  • virtual tours
  • weather widget
  • smart search
  • voice search
  • navigation commands

This gives users the privilege of experiencing state of the art features in their native (Urdu) language. Chalo chalo, TPL Maps ke saath chalo!


4. Offline Maps

Pakistanis have become overly communal and highly active with their prominent presence all over social media. This essentially leaves us running low on data most of the time. TPL Maps overcomes this issue by offering its users OFFLINE MAPS! This feature is a blessing in disguise as it allows its users to never be stranded as long as they have their smart phones on them, and the TPL Maps app downloaded on it! Not having internet connectivity is no longer the end of the world…


5. Live Traffic Updates

TPL Maps Mobile app allows any smart phone user in the country, access to navigation technology and accurate traffic information. The technology they use enables the app to always choose the best route available, based on real-time traffic information from over 200,000 GPS equipped vehicles, which help users to reach their destination faster. You can now breeze through the traffic as TPL Maps brings you regular traffic updates.


6. Street Vision

Street vision comes packed with features which include 60,000+ images! It covers a street network of approximately 3,000kms across the three top cities of Pakistan. Street vision lets individuals view their favorite spots via their mobile screens. Moreover, it can prove to be a useful tool for urban developers, architects and planners.


7. Location-based marketing services

TPL Maps provides an opportunity for your business to grow! With the fastest search optimization option, your product or service gets an instant viewership from your targeted audience. When it comes to marketing, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Location based marketing services helps your business in tackling your desired niche!


8. Night Mode

The ‘Night Mode’ feature improves the ability to navigate at night with increased on-screen visibility. Instead of staring at a glaring white background while you squint your eyes till it hurts, switch on night mode. This feature is easily activated by a single tap, making the app screen darker in comparison to the default white background. The idea is to lessen the strain for the user’s eyes that will no longer have to adjust when switching between the bright display and the dark road ahead. In fact, check out street vision with night mode turned on.


9. Satellite view

Enjoy the satellite view of Karachi by enabling the satellite feature on your TPL Maps app. It gives you a bird’s eye view via aerial photography.

10. Map My Pakistan!

December 19th 2017 marked a very important day for TPL Maps. It was the monumental day that Map My Pakistan was announced on all social media platforms for the very first time.

Map My Pakistan is the first of its kind platform for GIS activity in the country. It hosts registered teams as well as the population at large to pin restaurants, houses, schools, colleges and any of your go-to everyday locations on the app anywhere throughout Pakistan. The data generated goes through a verification process which is eventually made available for public access.

The crowd sourcing activity encourages app users, and potential app users, to add locations (POIs or points of interest) on the app and join the team to achieve their objective of over 10 million POIs mapped on the country’s very own navigation app – something which is not possible without the people of Pakistan!

Since all of us undeniably love a great deal, Map My Pakistan has it all! Not only do we get to experience the ultimate patriotic joy in being a part of a historical event in our country, but also WIN GRAND PRIZES! In the first round of the competition, TPL Maps gave its top 5 winners SMART PHONES! The rest of the top ranking participants received cool gadgets and TPL Maps giveaways!

On March 21st, Map My Pakistan 2, (or #MMP2 as they call it), was announced and it came back with a BANG! This time around, TPL Maps is giving the winner 2 RETURN TICKETS TO DUBAI! Additionally, cellphones, tablets and many more grand prizes!

The youth of Pakistan heard this news and their competitive juices began flowing! The mappers began tagging their friends and challenging them for a shot at the jackpot! Entering the competition is quick and easy, and requires the following simple steps:

Competition Instructions: 

  1. Download TPL Maps and login with your User-ID
  2. Click on Add a Location
  3. Fill out all the fields with the locations relevant information
  4. The more locations you add the higher chance of winning
  5. Minimum requirement to be eligible is 250 POIs (points of interest or locations)
  6. Stay tuned on our page Facebook page for a Leader Board update
  7. Winners will be announced in May.

All in all, TPL Maps is a great app. It has proven itself to be way more than just a navigational tool. It runs smoothly and efficiently, and all users have a great experience using it. We are heading off to add POIs for #MMP2! We want those tickets to Dubai! We suggest you do the same.