A “data-driven” approach!



With the Internet of Things (IoT) turning ordinary assets into intelligent ones, the idea of a Connected Car is eagerly anticipated as the next big thing in the automobile industry. According to Gartner’s prediction, a quarter billion connected cars will be on the road by 2020.

Of course, the biggest benefits of the internet aren’t limited to entertainment. With connected cars, automobile manufacturers can remotely update software systems, monitor engine performance and powertrain performance.

Vehicle data can also be used to create safer, more personalized automotive journeys. Improved vehicle safety and an enriched driving experience are big selling points for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), who can benefit from increased brand loyalty and the potential new revenue streams emerging from that data.

Similarly, Data rich maps will fundamentally change the way technology compete and operate. For example, cars already come with advanced technology, with hundreds of sensors and various onboard computers and processors in non-connected cars. With the aid of data, now such devices will go online on the roads and revolutionize the conventional automotive industry.

We understand the significance of data and believe that it is only useful when you have a significant amount of it. That’s where TPL Maps has the edge over everyone else. With close to 4 million geo-coded addresses, we have surpassed all other mapping companies in Pakistan in terms of data collection.

We enjoy the advantage of being able to engage in a variety of data collection and value addition activities to source, process and map our data. The possibilities out there are endless and people are imaginative. In the coming years, with technology advancements, our maps will have even more data which will help us evolve and cater to the volatile needs of consumers today.

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